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Returns and Exchange of Goods

Returns and Exchange of Goods

2024-03-22 14:46:25      Hits: 103

Dear Customer:

      The following are the detailed rules and instructions of the mall on the return and exchange of shopping orders, please check carefully!

      1、 due to more frequent price fluctuations of electronic components, Anma Mall, in addition to self-supporting goods, ordering materials and channel materials, please place an order before the detailed communication with the salesman, once the order is generated, do not accept returns.

      2、Anma self-supporting products need to meet the following conditions:

           The product packaging must be complete and intact, can not tear or paste foreign objects, can not affect the secondary sale of the product;

           The "goods label" and "warehouse receipt" on the product must be issued at the same time, if there is loss or damage, it will not be returned or exchanged;

           The whole disc of material must be free from dismantling and damage, if the disc is dismantled, it will not be returned or exchanged;

           Returned products need a third-party authoritative testing organisations to issue relevant certificates to prove that the product has quality problems.

      3、If the buyer's personal error leads to buy the wrong material, resulting in the buyer's loss, we refuse to assume all responsibility.

      4、If the buyer's personal error leads to buy the wrong self-supporting materials, if you want to return, you need to contact the customer and the salesman in advance, after three-way communication and consultation to confirm whether to give the return.

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